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Kids Day a Big Perk for Members

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Crusaders Child Memberships don’t just get you a seat at the game, oooh no. As well as tickets, members-only merchandise and discounts, Child Members can attend exclusive events like Kids Day.


Each year, all Child Members can spend the afternoon with the team down at the stadium – how good!


Everyone from toddlers to 12 year olds started with an amazing race across the stadium. Tamariki worked together to decipher clues that took them as far as the team changing room, where they got to nab themselves an exclusive Crusaders goodie bag.


Once everyone caught their breath, a skills and drills session happened on the field. Playing games alongside the players was a highlight for so many, and included kicking baseball, rob the nest and stuck in the mud.


“My favourite drill was probably the kicking one. We had to kick it high in the air and catch it,” said 8-year-old Lachie from Fernside Primary School.

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Julian from Merrin School loved the kicking drills too. When his group got to practise kicking for conversions – “I did good!” he said.


Nothing hits better than a delicious sausage sizzle after a big run around, thanks to our friends at Golden Homes who cooked up a storm.


With full bellies, it was time for Ben from Knights Stream School’s favourite part of the day: “getting the players’ signatures”.


Georgia, 12 from Fernside Primary, said “my favourite player there was George Bower, but they’re all really nice and chatty”.


As well as getting photos with the players, there was an opportunity for the children to hold the Super Rugby Pacific trophy.


“It was really heavy, I had to have two hands holding it really tight,” said Lachie.


The annual event is a high point for every child with a Crusaders Membership, but the benefits don’t stop there, and it’s not too late to grab your own!


Find the membership that’s suits you here and we’ll see you at the game!