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Contact Information

Before contacting the Crusaders, please visit our FAQ’s page for information regarding signings, donations, player visits and merchandise. Please note that due to the high number of enquiries the Crusaders receive, we may not reply should your question have been answered in the FAQ's.


Street Address

Rugby Park, Cnr Malvern & Rutland Streets
St Albans
New Zealand


Postal Address 

PO Box 755
New Zealand


Office Hours
Monday to Friday - 8:30am to 5:00pm

Phone: +64 3 379 8300

New Zealand Rugby Independent Complaints Management Service

New Zealand Rugby has established an Independent Complaints Management Service including a phone line and online form. You can find out more about this here at

Health & Safety Policy

In accordance with our in-house Health and Safety Management programme, Visitors and Contractors must obey all reasonable instructions and signs whilst on site to ensure their actions create no hazards to people or property. Your site host will brief you on any specific health and safety requirements in the areas you are visiting. You must be accompanied at all times unless you are inducted on our site.


Fire and Emergency
On hearing the alarm please leave the site immediately by the nearest Fire Exit. Your host or fire warden will escort you to a designated area. Please remain there until the all clear is given.


The Crusaders is a smoke free workplace and smoking is prohibited within any of the office areas. Smoking is also prohibited in all outdoor areas of our workplace.


Accepting acknowledges the understanding of our conditions of entry

Please advise reception if you would require assistance in the event of an emergency. Enjoy your visit!

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