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What age is a child?

Children over two years and 16 years and under (or still at school with ID) will require a child ticket. • Infant’s two years of age and under, attending on a parent's lap, do not require a ticket. Minors 14 years and younger should be accompanied by an adult (18years +)

Is there a student area?

Yes, the Student Area is in the West Stand (Jungle)

What vouchers/discounts are available?

Entertainment Book Vouchers are no longer applicable There are no discounts or group discounts.

What areas are Couplands Take a Kid to Footy available in?

North Stand (Aisles 3 & 10) & South Stands (Aisles 19 & 26).

Is there wheelchair seating?

Yes – Wheelchair access and companion seating is available at Orangetheory Stadium for all Crusaders (Investec Super Rugby) and Canterbury (Mitre 10 Cup) matches. The wheelchair and companion seating area is located in the lower section of the North Stand. The number of seats available is limited, so the seats are sold and allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Due to the number of seats available, the allocation of seating is limited to one wheelchair and one companion seat per customer. However, two working days prior to any match we open the wheelchair seating area up to group bookings with a limit of 6 seats per customer while still taking bookings for single wheelchair and companion purchases. If there are not enough seats available in the wheelchair area we will endeavour to issue additional seats in the lower section of the North Stand adjacent to the location of the Wheelchair and Companion seats purchased – however this is not always possible. For further information and to book wheelchair seating, please phone 03 421 7192.

Are any of the seats restricted viewing?

Wheelchair seats at the front of the North Stand - Viewing from these seats may be impacted by sideline activity. Please note there are poles holding up the roof of the North & South Stand that will impact viewing from seats.

What seats are covered?

North Stand (except for front 5 rows) and South Stand (except for front 4 rows).

What seats are uncovered?

East Stand (Copper), Wheelchair seating, North Stand front 5 rows, South Stand front 4 rows, West Stand.

Stands and weather: 

  • The North Stand is more protected from the Easterly
  • The South Stand is more protected from the Southerly
  • East Stand & West Stands are uncovered.

What parking is available around the stadium?

  • General Parking: Pre purchase season car park passes for the Horncastle Arena area, by visiting There is no casual game day parking.
  • Disabled Parking: Disability Parking is available onsite via the Wrights Road entry. Only vehicles with the appropriate Mobility Pass will be allowed entry.

Can we take food and drinks into the stadium?

Patrons MAY bring in the following food and drink items into the public areas of the venue:

  • Non alcoholic drinks in sealed plastic bottles under 1 litre in size
  • Non commercial food for personal consumption such as sandwiches, fruit, biscuits and cakes, provided it is not in commercial packaging or wrappers.

Food and Beverage Items that ARE NOT permitted into the venue:

  • Alcohol
  • Open drink containers
  • Drinking containers larger than 1 litre
  • Glass bottles & cans
  • Commercially produced takeaway food such as McDonalds, KFC, Subway, Pizza etc
  • Chilly bins or picnic hampers or any size, large backpacks

Are we able to buy food & Drinks in the stadium?

Yes, there are outlets by the entrances.

Will EFTPOS be available in the stadium and will there be an ATM located anywhere within the stadium?

There will be no ATM machines in the stadium but you can use eftpos & credit cards at the food & drink outlets

Can I take/use umbrellas into the stadium?

Umbrellas are allowed into the Stadium, but use of umbrellas must not impede sightlines for any patrons. Essentially, you can bring it into the Stadium, but cannot use it in the seating bowls.

Can I bring strollers or prams into the stadium?

No strollers or prams can be brought into the stadium. For a list of other items that cannot be brought into the stadium, see the stadium conditions of entry at: -No item can be brought into the stadium that cannot fit under a guest’s seats

Will bags be searched on entry into the stadium?


Are you able to smoke in the stadium?

NO - the whole Stadium footprint is smokefree. A smoking area is available near Gate A.

Are you able to leave the stadium and come back in?

No – pass outs are not given. If a guest needs to leave the stadium they must see the senior host at the gate for approval of re-entry before they leave. The ticket must be scanned out or the guest will not be able to gain re-entry.

Can I purchase merchandise at the stadium?

Yes - There is a Crusaders Merchandise Outlet inside Gate B